For Investors

Why Join Saskatchewan Capital Network?

  • Improved access to deal flow – As an individual investor, deal flow can be unsystematic. Through our networks and promotional efforts, it is easier for an entrepreneur to find Saskatchewan Capital Network than it is for them to find an individual investor. SCN works with public and private service-delivery organizations providing business and/or technological advice to entrepreneurs. This approach results in investment opportunities with a better chance of commercialization success.
  • Diversify your investment portfolio – With diverse experience and knowledge, SCN members can provide expert opinions during the screening and due diligence phases, as well as mentoring to the entrepreneur. The expertise within SCN’s membership allows investors to diversify their investment portfolio even though they may not be familiar with the industry.
  • Increased opportunity to invest in larger deals – Co-investing allows participation in larger deals that investors may not invest in alone. Investing smaller amounts in multiple deals reduces financial risk and exposure.
  • Access to investment best practices – Techniques and tools for deal screening, due diligence, valuation, term sheets, and more.
  • Network with investors and entrepreneurs – SCN hosts regular networking and presentation events with successful local business people – CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals.

A one-year membership is only $250.

Please contact and a Membership Application Form and invoice will be emailed to you.