For Entrepreneurs

What do Angel Investors Look For?

  • Market Opportunity – Solutions that address a major market pain and a strategy to claim a significant share of this market.
  • Competitive Advantage – Solutions that are better than those of existing competitors and the barrier for new market entrants.
  • Intellectual Property – Strategies for protecting technology, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and/or secret sauce.
  • Potential for revenue – A financial plan for the next five years.
  • Validated business model – Strategies to grow and manage the scale necessary to succeed.
  • Growth potential – Strategy to expand product(s) into new markets.
  • Management Team – The team’s ability to deliver products and services and that build confidence among all stakeholders, including employees, customers and investors.
  • Exit Strategy – A clearly articulated strategy on how and when investors will achieve a return on their investment.

Saskatchewan Capital Network facilitates the introduction of investment-ready entrepreneurs to potential investors.

Saskatchewan Capital Network does not directly provide advisory services to entrepreneurs.

Investors make their own investment decisions and there is no guarantee of investor interest or investment. Entrepreneurs should seek professional advice prior to accepting any investment to ensure that the investment complies with the Saskatchewan Securities Act, or meets the requirements of your region.

Here’s the process to present:

Entrepreneurs must be investment-ready and have an investor or a business advisor that will attest to the investment-readiness of the company before being invited to apply to present at a Saskatchewan Capital Network event.

Saskatchewan Capital Network utilizes an online deal application system. Entrepreneurs invited to apply must use this system to provide a brief, but compelling description of their business investment opportunity.

All applications to present are reviewed and approved by the Saskatchewan Capital Network Board of Directors. Once approved, the entrepreneur is advised when they will be presenting.

Meeting Format for presentations:

  • 15 minute presentation
  • 10 minute Question & Answer period
  • 5 minute investor in-camera session
  • 15 minute feedback from investors to entrepreneur

Typically two entrepreneurs will present at one event. All events include a networking social following the presentations.