Investee Profile


Investee Profile – Ag Exchange Group

Lyle Ehrmantraut, founder and CEO o Ag Exchange Group, is from Torquay Saskatchewan, with a degree in Finance from the U of S and 15 plus years working in the ag sector. Background on Ag Exchange The concept for the company grew out of a series of things that happenedRead More >>

Investee Profile – Ecobain Gardens

We sat down with Roberta Bain, co-founder with husband Brian Bain, of Ecobain Gardens, to talk about the road they are on as they grow their business.  The idea for Ecobain began in 2011 when Brian went back to school and got his horticulture certificate.  As a very entrepreneurial guy,Read More >>

Investee Profile – Kijenga

Kevin Kindrachuk and Matt Ingrouille co-founded Kijenga in 2012 – an online app that helps both sides of the home improvement industry. “It’s like online dating for contractor and homeowner” says Kevin. In 2015, they reached a point in their business where all signs pointed towards bringing on investors toRead More >>