March, 2017

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Investment Strategy

Creating your Personal Investment Strategy Doug Konkin’s final words in his interview for this newsletter encapsulates his reasons for becoming an angel investor, “investing is about taking risks, engaging with people, advising others based on your experience, and sometimes winning financially.  It is engaging and personally rewarding; and it isRead More >>

Investee Profile – Kijenga

Kevin Kindrachuk and Matt Ingrouille co-founded Kijenga in 2012 – an online app that helps both sides of the home improvement industry. “It’s like online dating for contractor and homeowner” says Kevin. In 2015, they reached a point in their business where all signs pointed towards bringing on investors toRead More >>

Member Profile – Doug Konkin

With a BSc in Engineering Physics and an MSc in Computer Science, Doug is well qualified when it comes to assessing high tech companies seeking angel investment. He is equally well qualified in understanding the challenges of a start-up because he’s been part of one himself – several times.  AsRead More >>